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Esteyco is pleased to announce that the WHEEL technology has been named a winner of the second phase of the U.S. Floating Offshore Wind Readiness (FLOWIN) prize by the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE)

Jose Serna, Chief Technology Officer in Esteyco, said:

“We are very pleased and committed to keep working hard so the Esteyco´s WHEEL floating wind platform can decisively contribute to making industrialized US-built floaters a closer reality.”

This Phase Two consisted of adapting the WHEEL technology for serial production, detail plan for mass production, assembly and deployment as well as preparing a cost estimate and production analysis for deployment in the U.S.

WHEEL is a concrete-made patented evolved spar solution, in which a stabilizing ballast tank is suspended from an upper buoyancy tank. The triangular configuration of the suspension cables ensures both bodies move solidarily. The upper hull is submerged for convenient transparency, with a modular steel tripod emerging as transition piece.

This allows for fast concrete caisson construction on floating barges, qualitatively reducing the port infrastructure requirements.

With the WHEEL technology 98% of local US content can be achieved!

Congratulations to the WHEEL-US team, composed of Esteyco, as Coordinator, TotalEnergies, SSA Marine, IEA Infrastructure Construction, Sarens USA and Rover for the good work and to the other four Phase Two winners.

We are one step closer to US’s ambitious goals to achieve net zero emissions by establishing a pathway to cost-effective domestic manufacture and deployment of gigawatt-scale floating wind farms in U.S. waters.

Published On: 17/05/2024Categories: EnergíaOffshoreEólicaEsteycoWheelFlotant project