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VideoRay Launches “VideoRay Labs” to Bolster Innovation in Situational Awareness and Autonomy for the Maritime Robotics Industry

POTTSTOWN, Pa., November 28, 2023 – VideoRay has long been recognized as a trailblazer in the ROV (Remotely Operated Vehicle) industry, delivering cutting-edge underwater robotics technology to a global customer base. The new Mission Specialist systems take inspection-class robots to a new level, delivering the power and functionality expected from larger, more expensive systems in a modular, one-man-deployable footprint, significantly reducing operational costs while streamlining logistics.

VideoRay recently acquired Blue Ring Imaging, a small team comprised of innovative technologists and engineers who developed operational Mixed Reality software, multi-view camera systems, and photorealistic simulation environments for the unmanned industry to increase situational awareness and autonomy.

To harness the synergies of this acquisition and accelerate the adoption of emerging technology, VideoRay proudly introduces VideoRay Labs. Under the leadership of Casey Sapp, former CEO of Blue Ring Imaging, VideoRay Labs aims to serve both new and existing VideoRay customers through applied research and the utilization of the Blue Ring technology suite to pioneer next-generation man-machine teaming and autonomy. Some of the customers already collaborating with VideoRay Labs include Lockheed Martin, the Office of Naval Research, Navy PMS 408, and Navy PMS 420.

Casey Sapp, Vice President, Strategy & Emerging Technologies, explains: “VideoRay Labs is an extension of VideoRay, working on problem sets that benefit the entire unmanned systems industry, specifically in the areas of perception, man-machine teaming, and autonomy.  VideoRay Labs will be collaborating with customers on applied research projects and developing emerging technology solutions that any ROV, USV, or AUV customer could apply.”

Chris Gibson, CEO of VideoRay, adds: “VideoRay Labs represents a unique opportunity to unite our organization in a collaborative endeavor. Operating beyond traditional constraints, this new focus will push boundaries and explore the realms of what is possible. We are not merely envisioning the future; we are actively reshaping it.”

To learn more about VideoRay Labs’ technology solutions and capabilities, visit:www.videoray.com/labs.