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Various container solutions for rent and sale

In the last issue of PES Wind, Hans Gatzemeier, Managing Director of ELA Container Offshore GmbH, gave an exclusive interview. Amongst other things, he talked about their company background, offshore container solutions, HSE measures and employee training.

Here is our follow-up, in which we are pleased to present our various container solutions provided by the ALLROUNDER, PREMIUM and PREMIUM PLUS.

ELA Container GmbH, a family run company, was founded in 1972. It came from an idea to convert transport containers into functional, mobile multipurpose rooms. ELA Container Offshore was set-up in 2014, as a response to the special needs of the offshore industry. The aim was to provide the offshore business with compact container modules.

Nowadays ELA has 600 employees, an international operation and has leased out more than 23,000 mobile units throughout Europe, Africa and the Middle East.

Thanks to our long-term experience in building container solutions, we have succeeded in developing a wide range of container types especially designed for the offshore industry. The standard system, already meets most customer requirements.

The containers fulfil a wide range of individual needs and are equipped with a variety of facilities, meaning they can be used as:

• Living quarters

• Dining rooms

• Kitchens

• Bathrooms and toilet

• Offices

• Meeting rooms,

• Gyms

• Storage facilities

The great advantage of our container solutions is that they can either be rented out for temporary use or bought, which gives the customer long-term flexibility.

We call this service ‘Flexibility on Demand’.

The 20 ft ELA Offshore ALLROUNDER, used as a living quarter, for example, offers two separate single cabins and a shared bathroom. Thus, providing a high degree of comfort and privacy for the user.

The 20 ft ELA Offshore PREMIUM Container, on the other hand, has a built-in corridor, which can be used to reach the single cabins, without getting wet feet. The 6.5 m² of floor space and separate bathroom offer a high level of comfort.

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