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Unique systems saves time and money

Unique system saves time and money for the wind power industry

Swedish Actsafe is the company behind the world’s first power ascender, a personal elevator that climbs a standard rope. The company is now the market leader within this growing segment of rope access and is continuously developing solutions for making working at height safe, efficient and easy.


“The wind power industry is a market with big growing potential for us. Rope access as an alternative, is gaining ground in many industries – partly thanks to the advantages of the power ascender – and work on wind turbines is one area where the technique has been proven extremely useful,” say’s Magnus Glans, Vice President of Actsafe.

Advantages for the wind power industry

Power ascender systems are a flexible and low-cost alternative to scaffolding, lifts and powered platforms. The system allows rapid installation and dismantling, hence there will be minimal interruption time. A power ascender system is a flexible alternative to manual climbing and less costly than standard lift equipment for lightweight jobs.The short set-up time result in minimal shutdown of the turbine. Repair and maintenance can be done in a manner that is quick, safe and less expensive than if performed with, for example, a traditional sky lift.

Inside the turbine there is also a variety of possibilities for the power ascender.

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