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Top software for service providers

If you are a service provider within the wind industry, you do definitely have a lot of equipment that needs to be inspected regularly. This could be PPE equipment, hand tools, measuring instruments, hydraulic tools, torque wrenches, lifting gear, rescue equipment and much more. In addition, there are all the training certificates that your employees must have, in order to carry out their work for your company.

Many try to keep track of the above by using a self-developed EXCEL sheet, but as soon as the person, who has developed the sheet leaves the company, no one else can work it out. At the same time, EXCEL does not provide a great overview.

Therefore, many service providers have chosen to gather the management of the above into one and the same system, namely READUNIT. Readunit is the leading tool management software in the wind industry; the system provides a great overview of all the equipment and the certificates that you enter into it.

Fantastic and instant overview

Readunit provides a constantly updated overview of the status of all equipment.

Locations can be set up to keep an overview of equipment. A location can be a customer, a site, a service vehicle, or an equipment container. All of the main and sub-locations that are needed can be set up.

• When is the next regulatory inspection due?

• How many lifting bags do I have ready for dispatch right now?

• How many PPE sets can I pack for a given project?

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