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The story in a nutshell…

SynergyXR, already a leader in immersive technology with its user-centric platform, embraces the advent of Apple Vision Pro as an opportunity to further enhance its capabilities.

This ushers SynergyXR’s Fully Immersive Technology into a new era, leveraging the advanced features of Apple Vision Pro to bring even more accessibility and impact to the realm of digital interaction. Sune Wolff, CTO and Co-Founder, says:

“Apple Vision Pro is the ultimate platform for SynergyXR. They are a perfect match! Users can now interact with virtual objects with their eyes, hands, and voice, making the experience more natural. With this, SynergyXR’s interactions and photorealistic visuals can redefine the user experience in Spatial Computing and Fully Immersive Technology”.

SynergyXR’s Spatial Computing app for Apple Vision Pro meets a growing demand from businesses for advanced, immersive technology in their training, operations, and client interactions.

“We wanted to integrate with Apple Vision Pro from day one to elevate the user experience of our platform and set new industry standards in terms of enhancing operations and fostering industrial innovation and collaboration. We are happy to have achieved this, so that for instance the energy or manufacturing sectors can create fully immersive onboarding and product experiences, today”, Sune Wolff adds.