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The largest offshore wind farm taxi

The development of the offshore wind industry shows that the wind farms are being developed further and further away from shore and ports. Our core business, as we see it, is to develop vessels that are larger and more seaworthy than the vessels we have been servicing the industry with so far.

MHO & Co sees this challenge as the company’s main objective. The plan is to have vessels that can operate in the most difficult conditions, and for the longest possible time without breakdown or need for port calls or service interruptions.

Our vessels work very efficiently on the fuel consumption side of things, this has got the added advantage of being less stressful for the engines and propulsion package and also more ‘green’. ‘This adds value to the entire value chain in any offshore wind farm operation,’ says CEO Mik Henriksen. ‘We design boats specifically with focus on safety, reliability, comfort for technical staff and with operational boundaries that surpass everything we have in the market today.’

The goal of MHO & Co has always been that the vessels must be operated and maintained to enable the client to have them available 365 days a year. This will be an ongoing focus in the future, and with this new generation of boats, hopefully we have taken a big step towards having this achieved, MHO & Co is working on new goals, to operate a fleet of up to 25 boats, which consist of the most secure and the most reliable vessels in the industry. Ships ranging from 32m to 48m long.

The latest addition to the fleet, has already proved the company is on the right track.

MHO Gurli operates for Ørsted on HOW01. Here, the vessel’s performance has been better than the expectations hoped for in the construction process. The service speed of 23 knots is achieved at 20% lower engine power, compared to the theoretical calculations, which also results in lower fuel consumption. This also results in an even more comfortable sailing in the luxurious salon for the technicians, who are transported either from port to wind farm or moving around in the farm. MHO Gurli is able to work on the site for up to 2 weeks without support or port calls.

MHO Gurli manoeuvring capabilities also exceed the expectations. The size of the boat provides more stability in the water, and this makes it much easier to manoeuvre the boat up to the boat landing than one of the smaller CTVs. Our goal is to make it possible to make safe calls to the turbines in up to 2m Hs, and so far, it appears the new generation will be able achieve that.

Of course, there are also really good conditions for the crew operating MHO Gurli. This means the crew can always provide the best possible service for both the customer and the customer’s representatives on board.

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