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Testing times for EU wind energy

PES speaks to Morgan Troedsson, Product Manager from FORCE Technology, a leading global technological consultancy and service provider in Scandinavia, employing specialised engineering know-how for practical and efficient solutions to the wind energy business.

Wind turbine blades are highly sophisticated products, composed of a variety of materials and composites. During operational life the blades are subjected to demanding forces and have to withstand different types of static, dynamic, torque, high peak and long-term fatigue loads degrading the structure. Wind turbine blades are therefore highly stressed parts. To minimise the risks from design flaws and manufacturing defects that may affect quality and endanger durable performance, manufacturers rely on professional full scale blade testing, which we are capable of executing both at the production stage and on site.

The purpose of testing is optimisation, which renders the wind turbine industry’s productivity more efficient and reduces the risk of costly downtime. We offer a selection of automated ultrasonic scanner solutions, aiming at unbiased testing and full documentation of the blade’s fitness for purpose. Different customised solutions are available for blade non-destructive testing (NDT) for blades in production.

Too many blades are installed with residual manufacturing flaws. Blades must be maintained and kept in a reliable state for prosperous operations year after year. Turbine owners and operators all rely on professional on-site blade condition testing, defining required repair and overhaul to the vital wind turbine rotor assembly. Our scanner solutions are developed in close co-operation with the world’s leading wind turbine manufacturers.


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