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Taking on the challenge of grease lubrication in wind turbines

Taking on the challenge of grease lubrication in wind turbines

Have you ever stopped at a wind turbine and been impressed at the sheer scale of the engineering challenges of constructing such a large harvester of wind energy?

Developing and selecting the correct lubricant for these engineering monuments requires not only knowledge of lubrication solutions, but also a deep experience of the factors present in the turbine during the full range of operations. So why is correct grease selection so critical in tribological terms?


Recent moves to harsh environments and scaling up of the energy output puts every component under extreme operating conditions. Take the main bearing in the wind turbine for example. Large, heavy loaded, remote, high moisture atmospheres – none of these are new conditions, but wind turbines have proven to be extremely difficult to master from a lubrication viewpoint. With pressure to capture return on investment and safety being a top priority, getting grease lubrication right is essential for operators. Mobil Industrial Lubricants has sound experience in wind turbine lubrication since more than 15 years helping customers unleash productivity in the very competitive power generation market. That is why equipment builders and operators rely on Mobil SHC Grease 460 WT for wind grease applications.

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