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Subsea cable installation in bad weather – making it work

Constructing offshore wind farms can be a tricky business. In particular, the current generation of offshore wind projects because they are moving further from shore into deeper, less sheltered water.

This makes absolute sense when you consider it from the perspective of the soon-to-be proud owners. After all, you want to put your wind farm where the wind blows strongest, on the most continuous basis, to generate the electricity and the revenue.

However, from the perspective of the construction side of things, putting the turbines in the water and connecting them up is getting trickier and demands a new type of approach.

Siem Offshore Contractors have revolutionised the installation of inter array cables for offshore wind farms, in bad weather and harsh conditions through their innovative, next generation, Siem Duo. This consists of the cable lay vessel Siem Aimery along with the installation support vessel Siem Moxie. However, to understand just how revolutionary this solution is, you need to understand a few things….

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