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Strengthening the Bond with Reliable Structural Adhesives

When identifying solutions that can offer assurance and longevity, the maintenance and reliability of asset repairs can be challenging – this white paper will look into the use of structural adhesives as the first-choice solution. Structural adhesives can be used for affixing metal substrates or components as they provide high modulus and high strength. However, they are not currently internationally recognised like the traditional methods even though adhesives are already used in a wide range of industries, such as aerospace, rail, and construction.

Traditional practice such as welding, riveting, nuts and bolts and mechanical fixing are perceived as the go to method. However, they all have their inherent inadequacies. Welding can be hazardous to health, riveting, nuts and bolts concentrate the stress locally while mechanical fasteners can concentrate stress.

This paper introduces a novel, two-component, solvent-free toughened epoxy adhesive material that provides high adhesion to metallic substrates while also being able to withstand high movement or cyclic fatigue in comparison to general epoxy materials. As well as potential application areas, the article also discusses a number of benefits, including ease of use, load bearing and impact resistance properties.