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Staffing solutions: giving clients room to breathe

Staffing solutions: giving clients room to breathe in a global market

Headquartered in Berlin, with offices all over Germany, DAL Zeitarbeit is a recruitment and staffing company that operates in the power industry – particularly within the wind sector.

In this exclusive interview, company owner Dr. Ansgar Lauterbach explains how the firm alleviates the human resources burden by offering trusted staffing solutions.


PES: Can you give us a basic overview of DAL Zeitarbeit as a company and how it operates, both in European and world-wide sectors?

Dr. Ansgar Lauterbach: DAL Zeitarbeit GmbH is a German-based recruitment and staffing company, which mainly operates in fast-growing business sectors like the power plant and wind turbine industry. In these specific sectors, we supply our customers with highly-qualified and experienced personnel all over the world, particularly for the erection and maintenance of wind turbines as well as to give support for the production and repair of rotor blades. In 2007, almost one third of our total sales in the wind energy sector were generated outside Germany. Dozens of companies in the wind energy industry appreciate that DAL meets their HR demands in a quick and accurate manner.

PES: How is your operation tailored towards the wind energy sector specifically?

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