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Skilled manoeuvers

The renewables market, particularly wind, is a key sector for ALE. Building on experience in the power sector, we have used our knowledge and expertise to develop smarter solutions to the challenges created by the increasing heights of wind turbines and associated components.

In relation to the on-shore wind enery market, ALE offers a bespoke Transport, Crane and Installation (TCI) package for the wind energy sector. The transportation phases of projects include route assessments, liaising with local authorities, providing specialist transportation equipment and facilitating the removal and replacement of any street furniture or structures that may obstruct the route.

We own a fleet of specialised equipment that is specifically used for projects in this sector, such as ` blade trailers and low profile wind tower adapters. Our qualified electrical and mechanical installation teams have the knowledge and experience to provide the most efficient solution, on a project by project basis.

We can also provide our clients with port handling services. This includes equipment inspection, damage assessment, storage facilities and loading or reloading of equipment to specialist transport.

We offer different types of cranes for the erection of wind turbine components. The LG1750 combines the benefits of a crawler crane, it is high capacity and has the possibility to change configurations, and those of a truck mounted crane. This crane can lift heavy nacelles on top of tall towers, but with a reduced relocation time, as the superstructure and back mast (when present) don’t need to be disassembled,” said Fabio Garcia, Business Development Manager – Renewable Energy.

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