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Setting sail to take wind power across the world

BBC Chartering is a recognised global leader in providing tailor-made shipping solutions for both heavy lift and project cargoes. It was founded ten years ago and now operates more than 140 vessels from a network of 21 offices. In recent years the company has come to be known as a leading shipper of wind turbines. In this article, we discover how the company operates in this growing field and catch up with Chief Executive, Svend Andersen, to find out more about the logistics of moving these unique structures.


As countries around the world search for clean, renewable energy sources that reduce greenhouse emissions, more and more decision makers are choosing wind power. In terms of CO2 emissions, wind power is currently the cleanest and best option. As the technology has advanced, wind power has become a viable and reliable source of energy generation. The price is competitive and predictable and the supply of wind is relatively unlimited and free. Short construction times offer the potential to meet the booming world energy demand more quickly than building coal or nuclear facilities, and wind power provides the energy independence that many countries desire.

According to the International Wind Energy Industry, global wind power generation is projected to increase approximately 500 per cent over the next decade as the world’s fastest growing economies attempt to lower their production of greenhouse gases.

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