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SeaRenergy appoints Product Leads to serve ambitious targets for global Offshore Wind

After more than a decade of delivering successful projects in North and Baltic Sea, SeaRenergy takes its activities to the next level to serve the ambitious announcements of global offshore wind development targets which comprise 270 GW still in this decade.

Hamburg, 2nd June 2022. Too be able to respond to the global, fast developing, and diverse market demands within the offshore wind industry, SeaRenergy strengths its activities by assigning designated Product Leads within the organization. The Product Leads will be in charge to represent, develop and grow the core service products of the company, assuring that SeaRenergy will continue to shape the industry by contributing to the evolution in technology, markets, new players and clients in the industry.

The four core service products of SeaRenergy: Engineering, Marine Services, Offshore Professionals and QHSE shall be maneuvered alongside the existing strategy roadmap of being the preferred supplier for integrated offshore service solutions in Sustainable Offshore Energy Projects.

The responsible Product Leads will be the point of contact to know-how excellence for clients and partners in the respective service areas as following:

  • Hagen Heesch – Product Lead Engineering
  • Niko Tönjes – Product Lead Marine Services
  • Tobias Voss – Product Lead Offshore Professionals

    “We are delighted that our industry is becoming mature and that we have excellent, experienced andcommitted people to give a mature and solid response to the market on its way to expand” – Natalia Kress, General Manager at SeaRenergy underlines. “With our designated Product Leads, we will not only be able to keep our promise to serve the offshore wind industry with integrated solutions but at the same time we will be able to respond with focused solutions within our four business segments.“

    “Almost two decades of stop-and-go in the renewable energy policy have come to an end. The offshore wind industry has finally received the let-go order.” Dr. Benjamin Vordemfelde, CEO of SeaRenergy said. “Despite all political draw-backs, SeaRenergy has always been committed to the idea of Offshore Wind as the ultimate source of energy for the future. We have managed to preserve experience from almost all offshore wind projects in Europe. The derived expertise is reflected in our Product Leads who will be the central point of contact for our clients to benefit from that.”

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