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SeaRenergy and ASSC bring “Spirit of Emden” into service – offering Cargo Runs in the German North Sea

Hamburg, 7th September 2022 

Due to the current development in the offshore supply vessel market with increasing vessel demand  in the North Sea and the first generation of Offshore Wind PSV being no longer available, all wind  farm operators in the German North Sea are facing great challenges in securing the supply for their  assets in the years to come. By providing a cost-efficient and reliable solution in the expected  unsteady and challenging supply market environment in the German North Sea, SeaRenergy wants  to add value not only to the expansion goals of the German Government but also the budgets of  wind farms already being in operation. 

After over 10 years of experience in supporting clients in offshore logistics and managing a client’s exclusive supply run service since 2019, SeaRenergy has decided to open their cargo run services to the whole offshore wind supply chain. In order to do so, SeaRenergy and Ship Owner The Asian  Spirit Steamship Company (ASSC) have developed an alternative solution which does not rely on  the offshore spot markets in Aberdeen, Bergen or Den Helder but is based on having a vessel  readily available for clients ex Emden, dedicated to the local market. This dedication is reflected in  the name of the vessel: “Spirit of Emden”. 

Spirit of Emden is a state-of-the-art Ulstein DP2 UT 775 LN with a deck space of 635 m². She can  carry 1.032 m³ of fresh water with tanks permanently certified in accordance with German drinking  water regulations. She has a fuel oil capacity of 981 m³ and other tank capacities of 3.000 m³. Basic  services offered are sewage return, container, and reefer transports. Value added services such as 

onshore warehousing and storage, container stuffing and rental as well as garbage disposal complete  the range of services. Subject to sailing schedule, the vessel may be available for short-term subletting  upon request. 

“Even though we are delighted to answer the strong international demand for offshore wind expertise  which has taken SeaRenergy to a broad range of markets, we still see Germany as our home market.  With our new Cargo Run Service Offering we want to emphasize our connection to the domestic  market”, Dr. Benjamin Vordemfelde, CEO SeaRenergy says. “With the vessel owner ASSC we have  found a strong partner who shares our commitment. By naming the vessel “Spirit of Emden” ASSC  and SeaRenergy do not only set a new milestone in the OSV market – with the first offshore vessel  being named after a German town – but also emphasize our dedication to the German offshore wind  industry!”