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Safe and reliable crew transfer

When CEO Mik Henriksen founded MHO-Co in 2015, he could not have known that in only three years, his vision of designing vessels of the best reliability and safety in the industry, and at a low cost, would be a reality. Today, boasting five vessels, having already reached the 2020 target, MHO-Co covers the demand for transportation between shore and wind farm in the ‘greenest’ and economically viable way. PES discovered the strategies necessary to fulfil the dream.

With roots in working with aluminium ferries dating back to 1993, Mik Henriksen has dealt with all operational aspects since, maintenance, operation and commercially, and has been involved in designing and building fast ferries and CTVs. Previously COO for KEM-Offshore ApS (Esbjerg), a role in which he thrived and converted a 13-manned business to one of 70, Mr Henriksen has gained qualifications in both MBA (2013) and CBA (2015), which inspired him to create MHO-Co in October 2015.

The goal was to primarily provide services to the wind farm industry, transporting personnel and equipment back and forth to offshore wind farms with the best reliability and safety in the industry, and low cost. With the expert team at MHO-Co sharing its knowledge of equipment, performance limits and a strategic focus on spare parts, the company has exceeded its initial expectations and now covers the demand for transportation between shore and wind farm in the ‘greenest’ and most economically viable way.

‘As much effort as we put into our boats, all is for nothing if we do not have the best staff!’ affirmed Mr Henriksen. ‘Our staff is key to the operation. We select our crew very carefully and endeavour to make the company one that they all want to stay in long-term.’

This dedication has resulted in constructing better and lighter CTVs, which are more fuel efficient than that of the company’s competition. This thanks to the modern design of vessels, which are lighter. ‘In the near future, these parameters will be increasingly important to all operators.’

Into the Deep

Major offshore wind farm operators, such as Siemens, Ørsted, Vestas, Equinor, E.On, Vattenfall, Energinet and TenneT, to name but a few, as well as smaller operators and sub-contractors, have an interest in bigger and more efficient CTVs. The clients benefit from saving fuel, and time goes directly to improve profits. Never one to turn down a challenge, MHO-Co is confident that it can build vessels that fulfil these companies’ demands.

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