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REACTION: Electricity charging response

Responding, Morag Watson, Director of Policy at Scottish Renewables, said:

“We welcome the publication of TNUoS Call for Evidence – Next Steps which outlines how Ofgem will address the impact of the TNUoS transmission charging regime on renewable deployment.

““Scotland’s renewable energy industry has huge potential for tackling climate change because of the strength of resource that exists across our nation but transmission charging rules which govern how the electricity network is paid for are restricting the development of major projects.

“The Transmission Network Use of System charges which are levied on Scottish projects mean they are now almost 20% more expensive than equivalent projects in the south of England.

“Scottish Renewables has consistently called for a Task Force to be established to reform TNUoS. We are pleased to see the commitment of a Task Force to be established to reform the short term challenges of this charging regime. Due to the adverse impact of TNUoS on Scottish projects it is essential that Scotland’s renewable energy industry is fully represented on this group.

“The commitment to review the long term function of TNUoS is a promising step forward, which if enacted correctly will align this charging mechanism with the decentralised energy system which is fit for our net-zero future.

“Reform of TNUoS, which Scottish Renewables has consistently called for, will ensure that Scotland’s renewable energy industry can contribute to the reduction of carbon emissions in line with the country’s net-zero targets. We look forward to working with Ofgem further to resolve this issue.”