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Powertrain technology for enhanced wind drivetrains

With the Geislinger Compowind® coupling the Austrian-based company sets new standards for the wind drivetrain technology. Lightweight, fatigue-resistant, and maintenance-free composite membranes virtually absorb all bending moments and allow the gearbox to be rigidly attached to the main frame. Therefore, not only is the gearbox relieved from unnecessary loads, but the dynamic system behaviour of the wind turbine is also enhanced beyond comparison.

Gearbox loads become predictable and fatigue loads are virtually eliminated. This results in the highest reliability and availability of the wind turbine and increases their profitability. Since 2016, several European offshore wind farms have been equipped with a Compowind® coupling and wind power has become an important business segment for Geislinger.

Gearbox load

The use of flexible low-speed shaft (LSS) couplings in wind turbines is still an innovation, normally, the gearbox is mounted in such a way as to compensate for structural deflections, in marine propulsion it is state-of-the art: to safeguard the drivetrain and prevent the gearbox from unnecessary loads, the gearbox is always rigidly attached to the hull, whereas an elastic coupling absorbs offsets, stemming from flexible mounted engines.

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