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Powering ahead in bespoke shipping solutions

Jens Meilvang of BBC Chartering tells PES how his firm has managed to carve a niche as one of the world’s leading wind turbine shipping providers.

Almost since its launch, BBC Chartering has made a name for itself as a global leader in providing bespoke shipping solutions for equipment required in the generation of energy from the wind.


Gaining a reputation as one of the leading shipping lines handling wind turbine traffic has not been an accident. Millions of dollars of investment and an average of three voyages a week has given the German heavy lift shipping company unrivalled expertise in handling this most modern of cargoes.

BBC Chartering has been shipping windmills for power generation almost from the day the company was established in 1997. Its first voyage of wind power generation equipment was from Denmark to Greece in 2000.

Jens Meilvang, BBC Executive Officer Wind Power, is pleased that the company is at the forefront of transporting specialist wind power generating equipment and is playing a supporting role in the astonishing worldwide growth of wind farms, both on and offshore.


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