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ONYX Insight launches ecoCMS Flex to upgrade legacy CMS systems

ONYX Insight has today [May 18] launched a revolutionary new condition monitoring system, ecoCMS Flex, which will allow operators, to upgrade their legacy CMS (conditioning monitoring services) systems affordably with rapid plug-in technology.

Unveiling the new hardware ahead of American Cleanpower 2023 in New Orleans, the leading provider of condition monitoring solutions’ new system will modernise older systems in an  innovative, cost effective and easy to install manner.

With legacy systems often utilising ageing approaches to capturing data, or lacking the technology to recognise potential threats, ecoCMS Flex is designed specifically as an upgrade for legacy CMS systems. Operators can now upgrade existing legacy systems and reuse existing sensors and cables in the most efficient and cost-effective way

As ecoCMS Flex is compatible with any IEPE sensor, installation can be extremely quick when compared with a full CMS system installation, with the replacement system taking around 1-2 hours to install depending on CMS types. As a result, ecoCMS Flex comes at a much lower cost to fleet managers as they no longer need to carry out a full overhaul of their ageing systems, just the original CMS unit.

Dr John Coultate, VP – Advanced Sensing, ONYX Insight, said: “We encounter many legacy and ageing systems that are problematic for wind fleet operators who are often put off by the cost of replacing their current CMS. As a result, they are left with old systems which are lagging behind when it comes to providing the necessary insights needed to optimise their operations and maintenance strategies.

“ecoCMS Flex turns this on its head with a cost effective, simple to install tool which will significantly upgrade an operator’s CMS, and crucially, provide them with a far greater level of analysis with detailed and wide-ranging data insights into the health of their fleets.”

As a global provider of preventative maintenance solutions, ONYX uses advanced sensing technology and data analytics to support wind farm operators to optimise their fleets by empowering them to identify potential faults and plan maintenance much more effectively.

Henry Tanner, Product Manager, ONYX Insight said: “ecoCMS Flex solves critical flaws that many of the legacy CMS systems in the marketplace have. This new upgrade provides more reliable software and IT systems which bring all of the wind turbine CMS data into one platform, allowing ONYX to assess and analyse the data and suggest actions where needed.

“Simply, our new product can identify when and where maintenance for turbines is needed more effectively than older systems can, and this allows fleet managers to make informed decisions when organising their maintenance strategies.”

Configured with optimised sampling parameters, ecoCMS Flex improves fault detection with radically more advanced software than legacy systems, as well as having the capability to bring all CMS data into one platform with ongoing product support and data analysis provided by ONYX.

With ecoCMS Flex offering a rapid plug-and-play installation, it unlocks broader end-to-end predictive maintenance solutions for fleet managers while being a cost-effective solution to upgrading legacy systems across turbine fleets.

ecoCMS Flex is available on the market today, and is based on the field-proven technology in ONYX’s award-winning ecoCMS product.