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Offshore vessel design: often evolution, sometimes revolution

Founded in 1937, KNUD E. HANSEN A/S has both experienced and been at the forefront of many of the dramatic changes in commercial ship design and has made its mark on over 15,000 vessels. We take a look at the company offerings and discover how it became a key provider in today’s wind industry.

The marine industry in general, and shipbuilding in particular, tends to be rather conservative businesses and for good reason; the sea can be a dangerous place and proven solutions provide confidence and predictability. However, with advances continually being made across all the technologies that underpin the sector, being too conservative can also block vital innovation.
When developing new projects, KNUD E. HANSEN starts with a blank sheet of paper, considering all the possible solutions. Existing designs and technologies are re-evaluated, but in parallel with that a completely fresh approach is also taken; evaluating new and emerging technologies and assessing their potential in the context of each project.

The company also studies existing systems and techniques to see if they can be applied in new ways. Ultimately, the design teams consider every possibility however innovative or traditional, with the objective of ensuring that the final proposal best fulfils the needs of the customer.
The design work is sometimes preceded by transport studies looking at optimising the type and number of vessels required for installation work.

KNUD E. HANSEN A/S also applies this design ethos to vessel conversions and the design of customised equipment for the transportation, handling and installation of wind turbine components.


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