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Next generation offshore wind tools

Construction of offshore wind farms has advanced rapidly over the last few years and is maturing into a market where subsidy funding is diminishing. Numerous companies joined in to develop the offshore wind market and are further developing their assets to provide services to this market. PES shares this insight in to one company’s continued search to improve tools and equipment.

At Huisman we see this development of assets through the contracts we have received for the construction of several cranes, intended for the construction of wind farms. Part of the development of this maturing market has been the growth of the wind turbine’s output, through increasing the size of turbines and blades, resulting in higher turbine towers. This upscaling of size of the different components of an offshore wind turbine, results in the need for larger installation tools: i.e. larger cranes.

Due to the larger components, installation procedures and the tools to perform these procedures are becoming more important in ensuring handling ease and safety during installation processes of offshore wind turbines. Part of our contribution to the wind installation market is our range of cranes, which are adaptable with a variety of components of various sizes. Some tools are foldable to minimise their storage footprint when stowed and others come with a flatbed interface, on which they can be mounted for storage.

Until now the development of offshore wind installation tools has been to scale tools to the growing wind turbine sizes and along with it, the design envelope of the wind installation vessel itself.

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