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New unmanned helicopter Heavy Lifting Service takes off with the world-first public flight

The world’s media and some of the biggest players in the wind industry turned out to mark the launch of a new Heavy Lifting Service from Ventus Group, as it took flight during two successful demonstration days in Poland last week.

More than 50 guests from around the world travelled to the location near Warsaw to see the technology in action, a new service offered by Ventus Group and its partner Unmanned Helicopters.

As the unmanned helicopter UH-200-Beyond-M took flight, the premiere public demonstration of the Heavy Lifting Service was caught on National Polish TV. Guests and members of the media watched on as, controlled through the GSM telecom network, without landing, the unmanned helicopter picked up a payload of 200kg from point A and successfully delivered it to point B.

Marking a revolution in the lifting of heavy items including turbine parts for on and offshore wind farms, using a converted standard Helicopter Drone, the Ventus Group Heavy Lifting Service can remotely pick up a payload of up to 230kg and safely release it at the desired location.

With a cruising speed of 160km per hour and a four-stroke engine, the unmanned helicopter drone can transport heavy items to their destination precisely and on time. Featuring automatic vertical take-off and landing, the whole flight can be completed in automatic mode, enabling the lifting of goods to be managed remotely.

Designed with ease of use in mind, the technology enables the route to be planned out in advance yet adjusted as necessary during the flight. Functionality also ensures the helicopter continues its flight route or returns to launch in the case of a lost communication signal. In addition, the user can monitor the flight of the unmanned aircraft and its parameters, including speed, altitude, quality of signal and battery charge, during the flight in real time.

The transport of the helicopter is done on a usual car trailer. It can be easily transported and operated with only 2 man crew within any country. Worldwide expeditions are also available because of the possibility to fit in a regular 20-foot container.

“We were delighted to receive huge interest in the new joint Ventus Group and Unmanned Helicopters product and service during our demonstration days in Poland,” commented Ventus Group CTO Poul-Anker Lübker. “The world watched the first time on as a converted helicopter drone remotely picked up, transported and safely released 200kg of payload, all without a pilot!”

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