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Nearthlab Releases First-of-its-Kind Blade Defect Categorization Guide

New industry guide introduces universal standards by which wind turbine blade defects are to be sorted

August 16 – Nearthlab, a leading provider of autonomous drone solutions, issued a three-part guide on defect categorization. The newly published guidebook puts forward clear-cut benchmarks for assessing and sorting out various defects found in wind turbine blades based on severity and component attributes.

Wind farms play a pivotal role in the generation of sustainable energy. Rotor blades, being one of the most vital turbine parts, are subject to continuous wear and tear. Categorizing identified defects in a timely fashion is paramount for optimal operation and maintenance.

Divided into three parts, the guidebook offers a systematic approach to classifying the defects.

  1. Defect Identification. From leading-edge erosion and surface pitting to trailing-edge damage and delamination, the guide provides extensive visual references and a detailed overview of common defects found across the blades.

  2. Severity Assessment. Understanding the severity of defects is key to prioritizing maintenance efforts. The guide introduces a standardized severity scale that takes into account the size, depth, and location of defects to gauge their potential impact on structural integrity and blade performance.

  3. Component Attributes. Nearthlab recognizes the importance of analyzing defect patterns with respect to blade components. The guidebook dives deep into the relationship between defects and specific blade elements, such as the leading edge, trailing edge, and root, providing a comprehensive understanding of defect propagation and its implications.

“The guide underscores Nearthlab’s dedication to bringing about positive changes in the renewable energy sector,” said Jay Choi, co-founder and CEO. “By standardizing defect categorization, we aim to empower operators with the knowledge they need to make informed decisions to optimize turbine performance and ultimately contribute to a greener future.”

The Defect Categorization Guide is made available upon request submitted through Nearthlab’s ‘contact us’ page.

To claim a free copy, visit https://www.nearthlab.com/get-in-touch/.