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Nd Wind Energy in Top 10

North Dakota has been at the top of many lists.

And recently, the state was added to yet another one.

The American Wind Energy Association names North Dakota as one of the top ten wind producing states in the country.

P-S-C Commissioner Tony Clark says it a pretty remarkable accomplishment for the state.

Nearly ten years ago North Dakota had zero mega watts of commercial wind energy. Now the state is producing about 12-hundred mega watts.

(Tony Clark/PSC Commissioner ) “With the wind power that we have on line right now in North Dakota, could power the annual electricity needs of about 360-thousand homes. It gives you can idea of the power that is out there. Its a lot and we have a wonderful wind resource which is a good part of the reason.”

Clark says there are many other places that have good wind resources that haven’t seen as much development as North Dakota. He says he believes that has to do with the citizens across the state, economic development groups, and regulators who have all come together with a vision for increasing windpower.