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Motorola Mobility obtains WindMade label

29 January 2013. Motorola Mobility has been awarded the WindMade certification label, demonstrating that 66% of the power used in its U.S. operations is covered by wind energy.

WindMade is a global consumer label for companies that use wind energy and other renewables. The label, which is backed by the UN Global Compact and conservation group WWF, requires participating companies to obtain at least 25% of their electricity from wind power. Motorola Mobility’s U.S. operations, however, achieve a much higher share, with 66% of the operation’s power consumption covered by wind power.

“Our reliance on wind power underscores our company-wide commitment to obtaining energy from clean and renewable sources and supports our energy and greenhouse gas reduction goals,” said Bill Olson, Sustainability Director for Motorola Mobility. “WindMade certification validates our sustainability efforts and helps to distinguish our company and its products.”

The WindMade label was created to allow companies to communicate their commitment to renewable energy while providing consumers with the choice to favor companies and products using wind power. Recent studies have shown that consumers around the world would prefer companies procuring renewable energy.

“As one of WindMade’s pioneer companies, we are delighted that Motorola has completed the certification,” commented Henrik Kuffner, CEO of WindMade. “Carrying the label will allow Motorola to demonstrate to its customers that the company is working hard to minimize the environmental impact of its operations.”

WindMade certification supports Motorola Mobility’s Green Energy vision to maximize energy efficiency and use of renewable energy sources such as wind and solar power. This vision is well aligned with that of its parent company, Google, which has invested over $990 million in renewable energy.

“We have gradually increased our renewable energy purchases over time and WindMade Certification helps us communicate to our customers that we are serious about taking action on climate change.” says Olson.

About Motorola Mobility

Motorola Mobility, owned by Google, fuses innovative technology with human insights to create experiences that simplify, connect and enrich people’s lives. Our portfolio includes converged mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets; wireless accessories; end-to-end video and data delivery; and management solutions, including set-tops and data-access devices.

For more information, see www.motorola.com/mobility.

About WindMadeTM

WindMade is the first global label for enterprises, events and products that use wind power. The label is managed and awarded by an independent non-profit organization. The aim of the WindMade label is to give enterprises the opportunity to communicate their commitment to wind power, and thus reinforce the use of renewable energy sources. The transparency of the label makes it possible for consumers to favor businesses that make a direct contribution to promoting renewable energy.

For more information about WindMade, see www.windmade.org.