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Mobile room solutions

Renting accommodation, locker rooms or temporary storage space is a cost effective way of ensuring worker comfort during offshore installations. PES finds out about the ELA Container Offshore GmbH mobile room solutions, their various sizes and the different accommodation configurations available to meet customers’ requests.

ELA Container Offshore GmbH produces stand-alone offshore containers, to be used on rigs, converter platforms and all types of seagoing vessels, pontoons and barges. The company was founded as a response to the growing demand for offshore accommodation and is very experience due to wide variety of projects in the Offshore-Wind, Offshore Oil & Gas Industry and Dredging Industries.

Even though most large installation vessels have integrated accommodation space within the vessel design, platforms and vessels constantly need to adjust their deck layout and accommodation facilities according to the project, depending on the actual number of people needed, resulting in a constant demand for offshore accommodation. Temporary Living Quarters are an efficient, cost-effective and flexible solution for creating additional accommodation and work space.

Thanks to the recent development of their new 33 ft. ELA Offshore Accommodation Container, a high cube container, with two cabins separated by an interior hallway, ELA Offshore has been able to extend their product portfolio. This means they can offer their customers an even more personalised and flexible service.