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Miros driving change and staying ahead of the wave in 2024

Without doubt, 2023 was a landmark year for Miros, with the company welcoming a new chief executive, securing numerous contracts, and expanding its presence in key geographies and markets. But not content with simply celebrating its achievements, the leading global oceans insights provider is charting a course for further growth in 2024.  

“At Miros, we’re constantly working to be at the forefront of technological developments, in cooperation with our customers, to ensure we’re always ahead of the curve, or wave in this case,” said Jonas Røstad, Miros’ Chief Commercial Officer. 

“Yesterday’s solutions are constantly being eclipsed by new tools and business models better suited to emerging challenges. As a business it is not about what you can provide today or what your provided yesterday, it’s all about what you can offer to improve customer value tomorrow.  

“To do that you always need to be ready to move swiftly and be prepared to collaborate with your customers and vendors. It is about how you innovate, how you collaborate and the business models that are in place. At Miros, we are always evolving and pushing boundaries to stay ahead of the game. Our commitment to innovation knows no bounds, and we constantly strive to bring you the latest cutting-edge technology. Rest assured, our mission for progress will never cease. 

“Consumer trends indicate that in 2024 there will be a quest for quality and the offshore energy sector is no different – this is exactly what we work to deliver. There is also a desire for products that are secure and sustainable, two more crucial pillars in our strategy.”  

One area where Miros is already inspiring development and pushing change is around wave and vessel motion prediction. The company is bringing this next generation technology to market and key offshore customers have become early adopters of the prediction software, with plans for a wider rollout in 2024. 

Røstad said: “The market has been asking for this technology for many years and it has existed in a limited capacity for a while now. But at Miros we’re not pleased with the quality of wave prediction solutions as it is currently available on the market – we want to take it one step further. We are thrilled to expand our developments based on the feedback and trust the market gives us. In a nutshell, this type of expertise is our bread and butter, our home turf – supporting and lifting the maritime industry by identifying and converting the value of ocean insights into useful and actionable solutions.” 

Having moved into target regions last year Miros is looking to consolidate and expand its global reach further in 2024. Throughout the year the company will be attending several leading industry events, including Oceanology in London, WindEurope in Bilbao as well as OTC in Houston, Navalshore in Brazil and the Saudi Maritime Congress. 

“It’s always been our intention to not just attend these events, but to present on the stage and contribute to an inspiring agenda – that is something Miros is eagerly looking forward to in 2024,” said Røstad. 

At these offshore industry gatherings Miros will showcase its unique technology, particularly WaveFusion, which combines downwards and directional wave measurements of various distances from a wind turbine for real-time ocean condition end-to-end visibility. Having officially launched the product in 2023, Røstad expects 2024 to be a big year for WaveFusion. 

He said: “Since coming to market the technology has received a huge amount of interest from those wanting to benefit from its accurate real-time sea-state data. Developed with the needs of the offshore wind industry in mind, WaveFusion is a trailblazing product and can be combined with our as-a-service model to enhance its offering – we hope it will change the way ocean insights are treated within the renewables market.” 

Miros will also mark a major milestone in its long and proud history this year, with the company preparing to celebrate its 40th anniversary in May. More will be announced on this in due course, but for chief executive Marius Five Aarset, the turn of the year offers time for reflection. 

“As we enter a new year – a momentous one for Miros – it is important for Miros not only to recognize how far we have come, but also where we want to go next. We are very proud of what has been built in the last 40 years and we aim to go further by innovating, evolving, and collaborating with our customers and partners to make sure our praised best-in-class services remains just that.”