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Making all the difference to your bottom line

Accommodating your employees on-site means greater flexibility, less time travelling and increased security – coupled with a positive effect on your bottom line. Danish company Site Facility is an expert in the camp concept…

It has to be convenient for the wind turbine manufacturer. And it has to be good for the employees. This was the thinking behind the site hotel concept that the Danish company, Site Facility, launched in the autumn of 2008. But the idea of allowing the employees at major wind turbine projects to stay in a camp near the site was found to have many other positive aspects. So many aspects, in fact, that today Site Facility has no hesitation in saying that the site hotel concept benefits the wind turbine projects’ bottom line – irrespective of whether the site is located far from civilisation or in the vicinity of a major city.

“At first we thought that it was primarily the saving in travelling time between the hotel and the site that would be an advantage. It was also thought that the fact that the wind turbine manufacturer and sub-contractors don’t need to spend time finding appropriate accommodation would be an advantage. However, it has been shown that the site hotel concept goes much further than that,” says CEO and founder of the Danish company, Jakob Heskjær.

“We often find that our customers tell us that the accommodation in our camp has had a direct positive effect on the bottom line. This for a number of reasons – for example, greater flexibility, increased security and more motivated, healthier and well-rested employees.

The customer’s own hotel
When Site Facility enters into dialogue with a potential customer, the company first undertakes research in order to find the right solution for the area in question.
“It isn’t always that the solution is based exclusively on residential modules. We can also use existing buildings, chalets or even local hotels as a complement. We don’t just create a modular solution, but explore the possibilities and outline them for the customer, so that together we can find the right solution,” explains Jakob Heskjær.

But often, the choice is for the modular hotel – and often with its location deliberately chosen at a distance from civilisation – for several reasons. “It’s incredibly convenient to have all employees together in one place, where there are also meeting rooms and where it is possible to lay down the rules, for example with regard to alcohol. In this way it is possible to keep track of employees and quickly assemble them, if the need arises.”


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