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Lower Saxony official partner state of HUSUM WIND

North German state presents itself at trade fair 2023 with numerous companies  

HUSUM | 8 September 2022. Lower Saxony has been named the official partner state of HUSUM WIND 2023. The federal state, intensively committed to a “green” transformation of the energy system and the economy, is once again represented in Husum along with a large number of companies from the industry. The state government in Lower Saxony is providing strong incentives for the expansion of renewables, especially in the offshore sector. The majority of the wind farms already built and those still planned are located off Lower Saxony’s coast. The state is also playing a pioneering role on land. In the first half of 2022, the most wind energy capacity nationwide was approved in Lower Saxony, with a total capacity of 352 MW. More than 11 GW of turbine capacity has already been installed onshore in Lower Saxony.

Lower Saxony represents an important pillar in the National Hydrogen Strategy. In the light of the above, the state has developed its own joint hydrogen strategy early on in cooperation with the other northern German states. With a share of renewable energies in gross electricity consumption of 90 percent, Lower Saxony has a high regenerative potential for the production of green hydrogen. This will be considerably strengthened in the future by the expansion of offshore wind energy.

Lower Saxony’s Minister of Economic Affairs Dr. Bernd Althusmann: “HUSUM WIND is an important venue for national and international companies in the industry. Therefore, we are delighted to be the official partner state of the trade fair in 2023. Lower Saxony and the other northern German states are pioneers in the expansion of renewable energies in Germany. We recognised the opportunities and potential of this expansion early on and are benefiting from this foresight today. The supply with renewable energies to the economy is developing into an important locational advantage for northern Germany which we want to expand even more in the future. With the joint North German Hydrogen Strategy, we have already defined our goals and needs for action in 2019 regarding this complex of topics important for the transformation of the economy. The rapid expansion of onshore and offshore wind energy and the development of a comprehensive hydrogen economy will be crucial prerequisites for achieving the national climate targets. HUSUM WIND has been making an important contribution to the transformation of our energy system for years.