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KenzFigee delivers up-tower crane to Eickhoff

KenzFigee, a well-established lifting, handling and service specialist of tailor-made equipment for the marine, offshore and wind energy industry, has delivered its latest generation Heli-HookTM up-tower crane for gearbox component exchanges throughout Europe.

In May 2022 Eickhoff took delivery of the first new generation Heli-HookTM up-tower crane with a capacity up to 3 tonnes SWL. The Heli-HookTM up-tower crane will be used to exchange gearbox components on wind turbines of leading wind turbine manufacturers with a hub height of maximum 130 meter.

Eickhoff will be the first gearbox manufacturer using KenzFigee’s up-tower crane technology for a safer, smarter and more efficient wind turbine gearbox repairs. Compared to the traditional cranes, this Heli-HookTM up-tower crane is fully electric with 75% less carbon footprint.

The compact, lightweight and containerized Heli-HookTM is part of the KenzFigee up-tower crane range for WTG maintenance and repairs ranging up to a SWL capacity of 70 tonnes. Specifically designed to be placed temporarily on top of wind turbines, for major component exchanges and/or repairs in a wind turbine nacelle. Besides driving down overall costs, the cranes offer many benefits over using the larger and more costly traditional land-based mobile cranes and, unlike traditional cranes, the up-tower cranes are powered by the wind turbine itself, generating zero CO2.

“The delivery of the Heli-HookTM to Eickhoff is a new milestone for our organisation. The first gearbox manufacturer to use this new crane technology for their own service centers across Europe”, says Robert de Rijcke, CCO of KenzFigee. “We wish our client Eickhoff successful and safe operations.”