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KenzFigee, a well-established lifting, handling and service specialist of tailor-made equipment for the marine, offshore and wind energy industry, was awarded a contract by Fugro for the design and delivery of a LARS (Launch & Recovery System), part of Fugro’s new innovative geotechnical system, the Blue Snake™.

The Fugro Blue Snake™ is an integrated LARS and seabed research system combining cone penetration testing (CPT) and sampling technology systems in a single deployment, providing safer and more efficient offshore operations. The system is containerized into a single 40ft container and 10ft control container for easy mobilization with flexible deck space requirements that minimize manual handling.

The integrated design of the LARS and the seabed system allows for faster mobilization and operation, with improved weather workability. The winch and heave motion systems are fully electric and use a passive CT function to reduce power consumption during seabed sampling operations. KenzFigee succeeded in integrating all these demands into the single deployment LARS system.

“This integrated compact and versatile LARS is a result of an intensive joint development between the two companies to work out Fugro’s design meeting a challenging set of functional specifications, optimized for maximum safety and minimum environmental footprint and operational cost”, says Theo Renes, Project Manager of KenzFigee. “Understanding the operational challenges from the experience at Fugro has enabled us to help create a practical and efficient tool.”

“KenzFigee and Fugro worked hard to develop and deliver an offshore LARS system with a short time to market. Good collaboration, exchange of knowledge and expertise were key to make this project a success”, says Yvo Waalewijn Project Leader of Fugro.