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Introducing the Global Offshore Wind Awards 2022!

RenewableUK is delighted to announce the inaugural Global Offshore Wind Awards 2022. Designed to recognise and celebrate the achievements of the sector on the innovations and growth of the wind sector in the UK and beyond, the vibrancy and resilience of our supply chain, the impact of our initiatives to enhance the sector’s people strategy and the quality of our provisions on health and safety.  


RenewableUK is the leading UK national trade body for renewable energy, putting us in a strong position to identify and promote the extraordinary accomplishments of the offshore wind industry. With accelerated growth and upscaling a key focus within the offshore wind sector right now, it is time to reflect and share in the successes of global projects. 

The Global Offshore Wind Awards 2022 will provide a unique evening to positively share these successes. The Awards are not a sole endeavour by RenewableUK but are instead a collaboraton with wider industry and other national and regional trade associations to ensure a diverse and inclusive shortlist. Plus, given the climate crisis, the multi-national disposition of the industry and our track record in collaborating with others, we’ll be inviting partners to help promote, judge and deliver the Global Offshore Wind Awards 2022. 


There will be several categories covered within the Awards scheme, designed to distinguish and commend individuals and companies throughout the global sector. These will highlight the exceptional commitment to product, service and supply chain development, as well as taking note of those who have gone above and beyond for their teams, their clients and the market as a whole.


The first categories relate to health and safety and the people that keep everything going, recognising outstanding dedication to safety and skill advancement, as well as the leaders of tomorrow. The innovation excellence awards will then focus on organisations that have helped to revolutionise the market with inspiring ideas and projects that push the boundaries of what has traditionally been possible – as well as those teams who provide essential behind the scenes support. 

The third group of Awards are all about environmental, social and governance (ESG) aspects, highlighting and rewarding sustainability and social impact in all areas of business. We’ll also be celebrating organisations’ dedication to inclusivity and supporting the transition to offshore wind energy. 


Nominations are free and will close on 22 April 2022. Successful shortlisted entries for each award will be published on 19 May ahead of the Global Offshore Wind Conference and Exhibition, 21-22 June, Manchester. The winners will be announced on 25 October at the prestigious Lancaster London Hotel in front of 500 guests. This will be a great opportunity to come together as an industry to celebrate the achievements and advancement of the offshore wind sector. It will be a showcase of talent and an inspirational display of the solid foundations laid for a prosperous and highly successful future as we march towards a net zero world.

Get involved


The first ever Global Offshore Wind Awards provides the entire offshore wind sector a chance to demonstrate their latest innovations and triumphs on a worldwide stage. However, this will not be the only event that RenewableUK presents for individuals and organisations to revel in the exceptional progress of the industry. 

Topping the events list for 2022 is GOW22 on 21-22 June in Manchester, which is the largest dedicated offshore wind event in the UK. The dynamic and comprehensive programme will deliver invaluable market insights from international industry leaders and policy makers. The focus is firmly on speed, scale and skills, with lectures, panel discussions, interactive debates and workshops, as well as a vast trade exhibition. 

Floating Offshore Wind 2022, on 12-13 October in Aberdeen, will follow with the spotlight turned to the potential growth of floating wind to support global net zero targets in the coming decades. The packed programme will consider the importance of Scotwind results and supply chain investment. This growing event will co-locate with RenewableUK’s subsea cables conference creating more opportunities for networking, socialising and collaborating. 

Other highly anticipated events deigned for key sectors within renewable energy include Ports & Vessels on 31 March in Hull, Green Hydrogen, on 5 May in Sheffield, Future Leaders and Wind and Aviation in May. However you decide to get involved, joining the discussions and being part of the broader community is a must for 2022!

For now, be sure to submit your nominations to the exciting Global Offshore Wind Awards 2022!