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Introducing an innovative concept for offshore metmast installations

Innovation has always been the beating heart of the wind power industry, and the sector is all the better for it. In keeping with this constant quest for improvement, Marika van Pol presents Mercon and ALE’s new concept for offshore metmast installations – called EMI for Eco Metmast Installation.

Construction company and installation specialist join forces

Mercon and ALE have decided to team up to introduce EMI, and Willem Griffioen, Managing Director at Mercon feels the two companies are the right combination: “Mercon is a renowned construction company with a long history in building offshore platforms. ALE, on the other hand, is a global heavy lift and transportation company. Expertise in complementary activities, thus.” He adds: “Mercon and ALE have already worked successfully together on Offshore projects before.”

Eco-friendly technology

With the EMI method, no piles need to be hammered for fixing the foundation to the seabed. This makes the installation very eco-friendly. In fact, metmast and foundation are one integrated design and installed in one single operation. The structure is being transported horizontally on a barge and upended to vertical position by a special frame. Next, the structure is lowered to the sea bottom where pumps are used to suck the lower part of the structure into the sea floor. This suction anchor technology keeps the structure at its place and enhances easy installation and decommissioning of the metmast. The EMI method is suitable for a variety of soil conditions.


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