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Innovative technology for excellent results

Innovative technology for excellent results
At ENERCON GmbH in Emden, Germany, tailor-made, high-performance solutions optimise precast segment production, says Bastian Bicher, Corporate Product Engineer for Concrete at Sika Services AG’s renewable energy branch.

As the threat of global warming has become a matter of urgency, so the race to lower greenhouse gas emissions has gained momentum. A natural knock-on effect of this is that the renewable energy sectors are receiving a lot more attention than they ever have before. The target is to achieve a sustainable energy mix, which requires the development of a sturdy renewable industry.


The latest assessment report of the United Nations states that renewable energy should meet 30-35% of electricity demand by 2030. Wind energy will play a major role in meeting this target, along with other contenders such as hydropower and solar power. The key will be the development of new renewable energy sources and the continuous enhancement of economically viable production methods for the established sources including wind energy.
ENERCON GmbH is the market leader in Germany and worldwide number three for wind turbine production. The company started to build concrete towers, using prestressed precast concrete segments, in 2000. Today, precast segments are produced in Magdeburg and Emden, as well as at two production plants in Brazil and India. This construction method remains unique to ENERCON…

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