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Innovations at the Borssele Wind Farm Site V

Innovations at the Borssele Wind Farm Site V

Climate change and the need to reduce CO2 emissions are drivers for the rising demand of renewable energy sources. With proven experience and an impressive 20-year track record, Van Oord is leading the way in the transition towards renewable energy by constructing offshore wind projects. With innovative solutions, Van Oord contributes significantly to making wind energy more competitive.

After two years of preparation, the first monopiles from the Maasvlakte 2 in Rotterdam, have been loaded onto Van Oord’s offshore installation vessel Aeolus and transported to the North Sea. The departure of the Aeolus is the green light for the installation of the foundations for the Borssele 2 offshore wind farm, including the two monopiles for the Borssele wind farm Site V. These two monopiles play an important role in demonstrating innovations for the offshore wind market.

The Borssele Wind Farm Site V

A new sustainable energy zone is under construction some 20 kilometres off the Dutch coast: Borssele Wind Farm Site V. This site has been designated as an innovation site within the Borssele Wind Farm Zone.

Two Towers BV has been awarded the concession and thus given a unique opportunity to test and demonstrate advanced technologies. Borssele V consists of two 9.5 MW wind turbines and will be built in 2020. Van Oord Offshore Wind has been awarded the Balance of Plant (BoP) scope for this project. Once operational in 2021, the 19 MW offshore wind farm will provide sustainable energy to 25,000 households.

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