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Innovation for wind industry: eologix:align system shows its performance in blade angle determination in an independent verification

Graz, November 3rd, 2023

The eologix:align system, which is used for the early detection of imbalance caused in various wind turbines, has now proven its capability in a comparison with independent validation measurements. Thus, eologix-Ping takes another important step in comprehensive rotor blade monitoring.

Aerodynamic imbalances arising from blade angle deviations pose critical stress factors for all types of wind turbines during operation. If left undetected, they can significantly affect both the structural integrity and performance of the turbines, thereby significantly diminishing the turbines intended lifespan. Early identification and rectification of these discrepancies are crucial to promptly address such issues and ensure optimal wind turbine functionality.

In response to the requirements of various customers, multiple wind turbine models, including the Enercon E-82 and Nordex N100, have been equipped with the eologix:align system. This advanced system conducts routine measurements multiple times a day, accurately computing any deviations in blade angles. The recorded pitch angle disparities are conveniently accessible via a user-friendly dashboard.

Using photogrammetry and laser-based geometry measurement, the ability of the eologix:align system to measure blade angle deviations in operation has been confirmed. “The results of independent measurement methods underline the precision and functionality of the eologix:align system. Operators of wind turbines worldwide can now use our system to efficiently protect their turbines and prevent costly damage caused by imbalances,” explains Thomas Schlegl, CEO of eologix-Ping.

With this important milestone, eologix-Ping continues its mission to optimize wind power generation worldwide.