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Innovating today, shaping tomorrow

The EWEA Annual Event – Europe’s premier wind energy event – will showcase the latest innovations in the wind energy industry with an extensive exhibition, a high-quality conference programme, expert speakers and unrivalled networking opportunities. In short, it’s a must for the international wind energy community.

Focusing on innovation
Promoting continued innovation in the wind power industry will be the main theme presented to people gathering in Denmark at the EWEA 2012 Annual Event in April.

From exploring technological advances to adopting new approaches and finding creative solutions to problems, this year’s event will act as an information catalyst designed to further advance growth in the wind power sector.

While the economic crisis continues to hit the European economy, the annual event hosted by EWEA is set to bring together companies and individuals to help guide, through innovative thinking, the future of the emissions-free sector.

“The environment in which we operate is shifting – economically, geographically, politically. ‘Business as usual’ just won’t cut it anymore if we want to maintain Europe’s position as a leading wind energy market; we need to make sure we build on our history of technological invention and use it to inspire innovative thinking in our other activities,” said Amy Parsons, EWEA’s Head of Conferences.


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