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In search of carbon-neutral maritime transport

The Danish shipping company MHO-Co is heading a consortium focused on developing green solutions for the future of the entire maritime industry. In partnership with Danfoss, Ballard Power Systems Europe A/S, Sterling PlanB, Stuart Friezer Marine and research engineers from Aalborg University, they will test fuel cells and new battery technology on the shipping company’s advanced hybrid vessels.

‘Every day, our clients in the offshore wind industry produce environmentally friendly power, but they need solutions to store electricity, and the maritime industry has yet to come up with a CO2 neutral propulsion. Our aim is to develop environmentally friendly technology to replace fossil fuels and dominate the maritime industry in the future.’

Mik Henriksen, CEO of MHO-Co, has had a green agenda, since he founded the Danish shipping company in 2015. Now he is stepping up his green game as head of the consortium, and MHO-Co has joined forces with Danfoss, Ballard Power Systems Europe A/S, Sterling PlanB and Stuart Friezer Marine as well as with research engineers from Aalborg University in search of carbon-neutral maritime transport.

Over the next three years, the six partners have an ambitious plan to develop and test a propulsion system for maritime transport that does not emit carbon dioxide. The groundbreaking project has a total budget of EUR 4.5 million, of which EUR 2.15 million are grants from the Energy Technology Development and Demonstration
Program (EUDP).

‘With the EUDP grants as well as with knowledge and innovation from other participants, we will set new standards for what is possible in the maritime industry,’ says Mik Henriksen.

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