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Improve your bottom line with Mobil SHC 500 series

The global energy marketplace remains increasingly competitive and customers are striving hard to increase their productivity. Considering this pressure, they are continuing to seek out innovative means to reduce energy consumption as one method to remain competitive.


To satisfy this demand Mobil Industrial Lubricants is clearly identifying those lubricants of its portfolio that demonstrate measurable energy efficiency benefits.


Take Mobil SHC 524 for example, our high performance synthetic hydraulic oil for critical wind turbine applications such as the pitch control of rotor blades. 

 Increased hydraulic efficiency means greater productivity

The additive and base oil selection of a lubricant can have a significant impact on its traction coefficient. Mobil SHC 500 series has a significantly lower traction coefficient compared to a mineral oil based product which translates to lower internal fluid friction and can mean less energy consumption.









caption: Mobil SHC 524 has a significantly lower traction coefficient and maintains better oil film protection under high pressure and temperature


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