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How has a small Danish company become a significant supplier to the offshore industry?

The first thing you need to know about RG Rom Gummi A/S is, that it’s a family owned business with headquarters near the west coast of Jutland. Therefore, developing and producing products to use at sea, has always been a part of the company’s DNA. Back in 1983, the first generation of Kristensen’s mainly focussed on high-quality products for the local fishing industry and a small range of products for the offshore industry.

Back then, the business only consisted of 3 employees including the owner, who was also the manager. He also worked in production. As time went on RG Rom Gummi A/S, began producing other goods, in high-quality rubber, for a variety of industries. This resulted in a couple of new employees,
but the company still remained a very
small operation.

After a successful generational change in 2008, the company started to look towards new industries and markets, with a huge desire to grow and develop into a bigger company.

The combination of exceptional knowledge about rubber production techniques and a new business strategy opened the way for new and exciting opportunities. One of these new opportunities was the growth in the offshore industry.

RG Seasight Fenders was founded in 2010 by two Danish companies: RG Rom Gummi and Hvide Sande Shipyard.

In 2008, the first fenders were developed in close collaboration between the two companies. This cooperation facilitated the creation of RG Seasight Fenders, which is today, the national and international leading supplier of rubber fenders to crew transferring vessels, for the offshore industry.

The two companies put such a broad variety of competences into RG Seasight Fenders, which means that today, it has more knowledge on manufacturing hot vulcanized rubber fenders than any other company on the market.

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