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Heavy lifting capacity combined with low maintenance costs

Blaaholm designed and manufactured the Davit Crane because of the increased weight of future wind turbine components, which puts greater demands on crane capacity and the demand for savings on service costs from their customers. PES sat down with Torben Blaaholm to find out more about this crane’s innovative features.

The new crane offers the following key features: a lifting capacity of 1000kg to 2000kg, automatic and manual overload protection systems and special features for easy access for the servicing. We also provide a special service through a partnership with Fanø Kran-Service, which provides great benefits for our customers.

We developed the Davit Crane in cooperation with our customers in the wind industry, due to the increased weight on future components used in wind turbines, which places greater demands on the current onsite crane capacity.

It’s is new to the market and the reduced service costs and competitive prices have secured early success. There are already signed contracts and we have been invited to tender on a significant number of offshore wind projects.

Located in Esbjerg, Denmark, Blaaholm has developed and produced lifting equipment for the wind industry since 2008. We supply solutions worldwide within 4 business areas: tower production, wind industry, automation & service.

Special attention to simple service and maintenance

The purpose of our Davit Crane is to lift materials, from supply vessels onto the laydown area of the transition piece
deck, during the operational and commissioning phase.

It has been designed with special attention to simple service and maintenance to ensure stable operation and minimal service costs on the crane.

From start to finish, the development of the crane had the overall aim of creating a quality product, reducing overall service cost and keeping it at a competitive price. During the design phase we had numerous session with customers, users and service providers to incorporate expertise and requested features from the market

It is possible to tilt the boom by a mechanical actuator, which enables visual control of the entire boom without using scaffolding or other helping structures. This feature also allows access to the two 2 tons lifting eyes located at the end of the boom. One lifting eye is dedicated to emergency lowering; the other is for general use.

The crane’s slewing function and tilt function are manual, which allows the use of the crane structure under the commissioning of wind turbines, with no electricity present.

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