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Flexible tool management: tailored to the wind industry

Readunit is a new, flexible, tool management software system, designed with the wind industry in mind. This is a time saver for companies and once set up, all stock movement, mandatory testing becomes automatic and with the option of RFID, via the telephone or tablet APP. PES had a lot of questions for Torben Kofoed the owner.

PES: Hi Torben, welcome to PES Wind magazine. Thanks for talking with us. Would you like to begin by explaining a little about the background of Readunit and the importance of the wind industry to you?

Torben Kofoed: We are a software company, founded because we saw the need for a good system to keep track on regulatory inspections and documentation. We want to help companies move from manual work in excel, or access-based systems, to a real software designed exactly to meet the needs in the wind industry.

From the start Readunit was based on the idea of creating an easy to use software that can and will be used in day to day work, not just another software, never to be used. It is a tool for the users, who want to make their daily work easier. At the same time the company as a whole increase the overall safety and saves quite a lot of time.

Readunit will document the inspections on the go, which means you’re able to inspect without the paper work. We created the most visual and flexible software on the market, which keeps track of everything from trucks to safety gloves (electrical hand tools, firefighting equipment, lifting equipment, first aid equipment, ladders, PPE and much more)

PES: Currently are you experiencing more growth in the market?

TK: Yes, we are seeing growth in our area of the market. Many companies are wasting a lot of time due to ineffective systems and the willingness to change is there.

PES: We know that data collection is important to you, please tell us why?

TK: Because traceability is important for all equipment in the wind sector – and on READUNIT you can store manuals, service reports, NDT reports etc. They can then be connected to the individual equipment, so it is easy to look up information whenever needed. Just open the companion APP and scan the device and have all the data in your hand.

PES: We have been hearing about your Readunit tool management system and would like to know more – what is it, how does it work, can it be customised, the benefits in terms of cost and time saving to the end user?

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