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Fast, flexible and ready to use

This is the final PES interview of 2019 with Hans Gatzemeier, the CEO at ELA Container Offshore. It has been a great pleasure to learn more about this successful German company. It has grown through listening to the customer, innovation and being able to rise to the challenge of globalisation. The future looks bright as we move into 2020 and a buoyant offshore market.

PES: Hi Hans welcome back to PES Wind. It’s great to be continuing this series of interviews about ELA Container Offshore. We are really getting to know the company and its values. Your production is ‘Made in Germany’, we would like to explore that a little further.

Which part of your containers does this refer to why is this so important to you?

Hans Gatzemeier: It’s great to be back. Well, although our accommodation containers have been purpose built in Germany to our specific requirements and highest standards, ‘Made in Germany’ to me is more than that. Rather than only using German suppliers and equipment, I feel it is a state of mind that focuses on engineering the best possible solutions, using dedicated suppliers and the best possible components. As such, our procurement team sources equipment and services on a global scale, after which all are tested to the German standards and integrated into a true German-engineered accommodation module.

PES: What are some of the benefits of working and partnering with some of the more ‘local’ companies nearby?

HG: First and foremost, it is important to realise that there is a great and rich maritime and offshore history in our area in Lower Saxony Germany. This means that we have a tremendous pool of knowledge and experience available, literally, on our doorstep. This has allowed us to build a very strong local supply chain, which covers the whole process from A to Z.

Even though in today’s day-and-age of globalisation international supply chains are easily managed, having local partners still creates benefits on multiple levels. The short logistical routes and the face-to-face style of doing business gives us great versatility and creates savings throughout the supply chain. All of these savings are passed on to our end-users in one form or the other.

PES: How long does it take from quote to delivery and does ELA supervise any of the production process?

HG: It is safe to say that our response times are setting the standards in our market. Speed, next to the highest quality and perfect reliability are probably our greatest strengths. By drawing from our large rental fleet, we can provide equipment for the rental market ex-stock, allowing mobilisation onboard within hours if needed.

Sales opportunities can also be serviced from our rental fleet if speed is required, but alternatively we are able to offer new-builds too. In case of bespoke equipment, we are able to engage our local supply chain and in-house team of engineers to translate customer wishes into a finished product in the shortest possible and commercially viable timeframe.

PES: As well as supplying your off the shelf containers, you also offer customised models, how do you plan your delivery schedule so that you have a quick enough turn around to comply with customers’ needs?

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