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EIVA launches cloud-based thin client for efficient NaviSuite project data sharing and viewing

EIVA has launched a cloud-based thin client, NaviSuite Cloud Viewer, enabling NaviSuite users to share project data with end clients in a web browser. This provides powerful data visualisation for operators and end clients – and eliminates the need to download any third-party programs.

With this, operators can give their end clients the ability to easily navigate projects using high-performance data visualisation capabilities, such as viewing DTMs, 3D models and point clouds from any angle, observation logs with synchronised images and more. EIVA’s server provides powerful 3D model rendering for high-quality visualisations no matter how large the data set.

We have observed that the size of data sets collected by NaviSuite users during surveys and inspections (manned vessels, USV, ROV, AUV, etc) is rapidly increasing due to technological advancements in sensors, automation and data fusion. Copying over these data sets whenever they must be moved (ie from vessel to USB to PC to colleague to customer) takes time and costs operators and end clients local storage space. Further, some end-clients may not be able to download third party software to view the results – and therefore miss out on using visualisation tools to better understand the data delivered.’ Ole Kristensen, VP Software Development, EIVA.

NaviSuite Cloud users also benefit from NaviSuite project management in the frontend. Users can manage and share projects with colleagues and end clients easily, simply by sending a link or by defining who can access the project. In NaviSuite Cloud Viewer, anyone you give access to can open the project in a browser on their computer, tablet or smartphone.

NaviSuite Cloud Viewer is available as a yearly licence, with three plans priced according to disk usage (50, 200 and 500 GB). This release is a first step, with more extensive features to be provided in future variants of NaviSuite Cloud.