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Digital technologies are key to advancing the circular economy in the wind sector

The wind sector has been introducing emerging technologies and improved practices for several years. These practices maximize the value of resources and materials as much as possible and minimize resource use and waste. Not only the design and manufacture of a wind turbine and its components are considered in this process but also how they are maintained throughout and after their useful life.

The use of data and digital tools, such as online platforms, AI, and blockchain, is becoming crucial for the reliable and sustainable supply and management of components and services in the wind industry. These tools can provide valuable information, increase knowledge, and improve supply chain connectivity, enabling alternative and more efficient sourcing strategies for wind turbine spare parts, including repair, refurbishment, recycling, repurposing, and reuse of materials to support owners and operators of wind farms around the world.

Today, many of these strategies can be accomplished through digital channels, such as SparesinMotion.com. Designed to support the wind aftermarket, the digital platform connects demand and supply and presents extensive sourcing alternatives for multiple wind turbine brands. This is done by integrating various technologies and using a proprietary data management system linked to a relevant network of buyers and sellers. Through a responsive catalog design, the user-friendly interface matches users’ spare parts needs anywhere and anytime.

Maria Lascas, Product Management Director of Spares in Motion, explains that “Spares in Motion has seen steady growth in their mobile users and wants to provide the wind market with a seamless experience searching for products and through the complete quote process. For sellers on the platform, the company will offer a more intuitive environment to manage their product portfolio and quotes with simplified subscription plans. We want to make sure that any supplier in the industry looking into entering the digital business finds on our platform the solution for their business needs”.

The advancement of digitalization has opened opportunities for a wider range of industry players to play a crucial role in digitizing the wind turbine industry. By leveraging their extensive expertise in the field, they aim to optimize resource utilization across the entire lifespan of wind turbines.