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Data drives wind O&M in 2020

Spares in Motion (SIM) has a solution for wind energy O&M pitfalls. Reducing costs and obtaining spare parts as needed is increasingly important, especially as uptime demands skyrocket and maintenance contracts end. SIM explains to PES how their database is facilitating these goals for owners and operators today.

We are a nearly half way through 2020 and thought it would be interesting to ask ourselves, what are some notable themes we are seeing in Renewable Energy? Among others, these interesting trends take center stage on a global scale today:

There is an industry-wide effort to reduce O&M costs

Not only that, but we see an aging installed base – increasing the lifetime of

wind assets

Furthermore, high uptime demand has operators looking to reduce down time through proactive maintenance and stock management.

By traditional design, these 3 trends are not always complimentary to one another, yet owners and operators are working to find holistic solutions to satisfy each.

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