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Danish Export Association paves the way for increased internationalisation

Rikke Berg, Business Sector Manager for Danish Wind Energy Group of the Danish Export Association provides PES with an in-depth analysis of the organisation and its many benefits.

The Danish Export Association was founded in 1965 by a number of forward-thinking business leaders in Jutland with Grundfos as one of the main players. The association was started based on the motto: “It’s limited what we, as a single company can do, but when we stand together we can conquer the world”.

After a few years, the Danish Export Association became a nationwide organisation which now numbers around 500 companies divided into 12 industry groups. The association is a member-owned non-profit organisation dedicated to promoting the international activities of the Danish member companies.

Member companies
Members of the Danish Export Association are a mixture of large and small businesses; a composition that makes the organisation dynamic and strong through the exchange of experience between the large and small businesses. Many smaller businesses do not have the necessary financial and organisational capacity to get on with the important exports. However, becoming a member of the Danish Export Association can provide members with the necessary support and help to get them started with exporting work.


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