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Customer care, supply partners and training – a recipe for success

Seher Kaygusuz, Head of Business Development, Marketing and Sales, WINDSOURCING.COM, talks to PES about the ever growing number of products in their portfolio, the importance of supply partners and training. This is an expanding company in our industry.

PES: Welcome to PES Wind magazine. Thanks for talking with us. Would you like to begin by explaining a little about the background of Windsourcing and how you currently serve the wind industry?

Seher Kaygusuz: WINDSOURCING.COM is a specialised distributor for spare parts, accessories, materials for the maintenance and repair of wind turbines. Launched in 2011, WINDSOURCING.COM was the first platform of its kind in the market, with a real focus on the after-sales market of wind energy turbines.

Our objective is to professionalise purchasing processes within the wind industry and to provide a new search tool for spare parts and services, related to the wind energy market.

WINDSOURCING.COM became a distributor in 2012. We have a product and service portfolio specifically tailored to meet the demands of the wind industry.

We have more than 15 years of experience and know-how in procurement and 10 of those years have been in the wind energy industry. We are not only a trading company with a defined product portfolio, but also a service provider for our customers when it comes to the research, procurement and logistics for wind turbine parts and materials.

PES: In your experience is business in our industry expanding? If so can you tell us how and what you have noticed?

SK: Yes, the business is certainly expanding. Since the beginning we focussed on the international wind energy market, this is why we picked the name WINDSOURCING.COM, to address all the players in the after-sales market of wind energy turbines.

On the one hand we have many wind markets where wind turbine manufacturers’ warranties are coming to an end or have indeed ended. These are being maintained and repaired by independent service companies.

For example markets like Turkey have a high potential due to the installed wind turbines and more and more Turkish service companies contact us to source their products. On the other hand WINDSOURCING.COM also supplies material for offshore wind turbines, which is an expanding field within the wind industry as well.

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